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High Times on the Peyote Trail

Bulls are slain as offerings during the annual Huichol festival celebrating the changing of tribal officers.

"At about midday, several men dragged five bulls into the temple to be sacrificed. I'd kept my eye on the bulls all day, as they were tied up to a cross in front of the temple.

"The men let me go in with them, and I took several photographs, but they didn't want me to stay for the sacrifice at that time. Later I photographed a sacrifice without any problem."

—Photographer Rachel Cobb

Photography Notes

  • Film: Fuji Provia 100
  • Camera: Canon EOS-1N
  • Lens: 20-35mm
  • Time of day: About noon
  • Aperture: f/5.6
  • Shutter speed: 1/15

"Aside from a couple of shafts of light, it was very dark in the temple. I wanted to show the bulls in the foreground and the crosses at the other end of the room, so I used a flash and shot with a slow shutter speed and an aperture that give me more depth of field."


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