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Jon Bowermaster
Explorer Jon Bowermaster


Image: arial view of an atoll

From the Field
Expedition: Dangerous Archipelago
Kayaking French Polynesia's Tuamotu Islands

Explorer Jon Bowermaster sends dispatches from the deep South (Pacific).

Magellan knew them as the Dangerous Archipelago, a chain laced with pristine, ship-eating reefs. Today called Tuamotu—Tahitian for "distant islands"—this 78-island stretch of French Polynesia lies halfway between Australia and South America.

For two months this fall, explorer Jon Bowermaster is leading a team through this barely populated 900-mile-long (1,450-kilometer-long) archipelago. Navigating by sun and stars, the team will lead what he calls a "Robinson Crusoe existence," including spearing and hooking their dinners; the reefs here pulse with a virtual rainbow of fish and sharks some 400 species strong.

Along the way, they'll shoot through sometimes storm-tossed waters, kayak amid migrating whales, and make contact with some of the world's most isolated cultures.

Bookmark this page and be here for the adventure.

—Ted Chamberlain

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Funding for this expedition was provided by the National Geographic Society Expeditions Council. For more information on the Council, its projects, and grants, e-mail ecouncil@ngs.org.


Bowermaster portrait by Barry Tessman; photograph by Jodi Cobb; map by NG Maps
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