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Photo Gallery
*America's Top Mountain Bike Trek
Riding the San Juan hut-to-hut trail, riders soon realize: This is why mountain bikes were invented. See for yourself with these online-only photos and photo tips >>
From the Field
*Expedition: Dangerous Archipelago 
Laced with ship-eating reefs, sharks, and unpredictable weather, the remote Tuamotu islands are a prickly paradise. On a two-month journey here, explorer Jon Bowermaster is sending dispatches from a kayak >>
* 33 Awesome Ways to Travel the Planet
We uncover the latest, greatest adventure circuits for independent travelers with two weeks, two months, or even a year to spare. Find yourself >>

* Among Africa's Eco-Mercenaries
With license to shoot poachers on sight, international soldiers of fortune are taking control of a third of the Central African Republic. Writer Tom Clynes reveals what it's like in the company of conservationists who kill >>

When Conservationists Attack
Is it OK to kill poachers? Sound off >>

Dos and Don'ts of DIY World Travel
What are your best tips for independent world travel? Share the wisdom >>

* The Adventurer's Handbook
Thirty-six crucial skills, nifty tips, and shameless shortcuts >>

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* Products From Our Pages
Knowledge is (purchasing) power.


*Swedish Adventurer Göran Kropp Killed in Fall

*Adventure-Race Boss Defends His Environmental Records

*Everest Snowboarder Vanishes On Second Try

*Militia OK'd to Shoot Poachers in Africa

*Bobbing Through Portugal on a Boat Made of Wine Corks


Gear Guides

*Best Luxury Camping Gear
Seven essentials for camping decadence: Bring them all.


*Colorado Hut System Guide
Plan your own hut-to-hut mountain bike trek on Colorado's epic trail.

*Four Do-It-Yourself Expeditions
Guides? Outfitters? Why bother? We tell you how to tackle serious expeditions in Texas, Alaska, Wyoming, and the Rockies.

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