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March 2003, Volume 5, Number 2

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Also in the March 2003 issue


Ghosts of the Wild Horse Mesa
You can see Utah's Kaiparowits Plateau from a hundred miles [161 kilometers] away, but few places in the lower 48 are so little known. Does the mesa—flanked by cliffs and cut by canyons—shelter Anasazi ruins, wild stallions, a stolen gold statue of Jesus? There would only be one way to find out. BY DAVID ROBERTS

The Wild Heart of the West:
Four Corners, Twenty-One Trips

Combine the standouts of four states—Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico—and you've got the Four Corners, the most adventure-rich region in the U.S. Herewith, our guide to the best of the best: the top slot-canyon hike, desert rafting run, alpine backpacking trip, and more, from the red rock of Canyonlands to the alpine summits of the San Juans. BY ROBERT EARLE HOWELLS. Read excerpt >>

The "Impossible" Journey
The goal was straightforward enough: to sea kayak 800 miles [1,287 kilometers] of the Vietnamese coast, from the limestone islands of Ha Long Bay to the beaches south of Da Nang. But straightforward or not, the journey was something that had never before been attempted. And in Vietnam, the unknown is sometimes unwelcome. BY JON BOWERMASTER

Online Extra
Inside the "Impossible" Journey
Online-only photos and dispatches from the expedition behind the article.

The Last Cairn
Johnny Waterman sealed his reputation as the "crazy genius" of Alaskan climbing with his audacious solo ascent of Mount Hunter in 1978. But instead of satisfaction, it brought him sorrow, which would ultimately drive him to the slopes of Mount McKinley, alone in winter, on a "suicide line" for the summit. BY CHIP BROWN Read excerpt >>

Online Extra
Forum: Life Lessons in the Wild?
Can the outdoors really shape a person's character? Have you learned any life lessons from a wilderness experience?





Get ready to party like it's A.D. 99: Hike, kayak, and dive the wild Mediterranean—from Positano to Mount Olympus—in the shadow of the ancients. BY TONY PERROTTET

Online Extra
The Original Roman Holiday
Author Tony Perrottet tells what it was like to follow in the footsteps of ancient tourists—and finds what may be the future of travel, to boot.

Tip Sheet
For inside tours of far-out lands, hooking up with locals is key. ROBERT YOUNG PELTON shares the secrets of a vital travel skill. Read excerpt >>

Learn to sail, join a crew, maybe even buy a boat—the easy way. Plus: Meet high-altitude marathoner Matt Carpenter.

Global Health
JIM THORNTON on the two-punch pharmaceutical fix for curing traveler's diarrhea, and the surprising truth about the air in planes.

Bringing It Home
Fire power: The top chili sauces from Tibet, Thailand, Jamaica, and Peru. Also, world music's fusion profusion—bossa nova meets rock, Cuban son meets club beats, and more.

Fast Breaks
Ozark oasis: Raft, climb, and cave on a road trip through the Arkansas hills. Plus: The best biking base camps—no mud.

Weird wanderings through Guyana in Marc Herman's Searching for El Dorado, dangerous diving on the Andrea Doria in Joseph Haberstroh's Fatal Depth, and three new looks at the legacy of Lewis and Clark. BY ANTHONY BRANDT

Adventure on the Web
Protect film at the airport; go native in Papua New Guinea. Plus: One reader's bargain safari in Botswana.



The Adventures of Tim Cahill
With boulders the size of Land Rovers tumbling toward them, they probably should have abandoned the climb up Mount Cowan. But what fun would that have been?



Out of many, one: Picking a single pack to be your multi-purpose load-hauler. Plus: Women's packs, walking sticks, and the quest for a perfect fit. BY MELISSA WAGENBERG

Fix-'em-ups: The essential implements for camping, kayaking, snowboarding, mountain biking, and more.

The Leading Edge
Fleet feet: From light hikers to trail-runners, the best shoes for hiking's hottest trend—fastpacking. BY STEVE CASIMIRO


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Wild Angle: Cuba


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March 2003

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