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Photo Gallery

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Hot Times
Uncharted Isle: Quiet beauty of neglected boats anchored by Peucang Island

"That's Peucang Island, where we stayed our last night in Ujung Kulon. The island isn't large—it's crossed by paths, deer and monitor lizards, not roads or cars. The island's hostel, run by park rangers, has almost luxury accommodations. Comparatively, the hostel is quite expensive, but people use it as a chance to rejuvenate with hot water, sheets and pillows, and air conditioning.

"This sheltered bay is an ideal anchorage. Our boat had been tied up to the jetty here overnight. The next morning we left very early on the Mbamba to sail to Krakatoa.

"The red boat and the speedboat belong to the National Park Service. The wrecks are discarded ranger boats."

—Photographer Martin Westlake

Photography Notes

  • Camera: Sinar F2 View camera, 4x5"
  • Film: Kodak Portra 160VC
  • Lens: 75mm
  • Shutter speed: 1/15th or 1/30th
  • Aperture: f/16 or f/22
  • Time of day: very early

"This is a really beautiful spot—I love the color of the water. On a day like this that wasn't very bright, the shallow water over white sand has a soft tone. I used a neutral density filter to darken the sky a bit.

"This picture shows the quietness and solitude of the area in a way that I find very appealing. There are no water skiers going by—I love the dilapidated boats."


October 2003

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