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The American Icons
Twelve Classic Trips in the Landscapes of Legend By James Vlahos

Photo: Monument Valley on the Utah-Arizona border
Scene Setting: Monument Valley, on the Utah-Arizona border, was a hands-down pick to be included as one of the 12 iconic landscapes in our cover story. Pick up the April issue to find out why.

Jack London, Edward Abbey, Georgia O'Keeffe—they weren't your ivory-tower types. Their ilk didn't seek inspiration in writers workshops or from carefully arranged bowls of fruit. Instead, they panned for gold. Or rafted rivers. Or crossed mountain ranges. The portraits of wild America that emerged from their adventures are so distinctive, so much a part of our cultural fabric, that sometimes it seems that the works inspired reality, rather than the reverse. Here, we present three of the April issue's twelve timeless destinations made famous by men and women whose books, films, artwork, and life stories are touchstones of the American outdoors experience.

Backpacking Ansel Adams's Sierra Nevada >>
Hiking Jack Kerouac's North Cascades >>
Floating Georgia O'Keeffe's Red Rock West >>

For the complete list of 12 legendary adventures you can do right now, pick up the April issue.

Photo courtesy of Buddy Mays/Travel Stock

From the print edition, April 2004

The American Icons
The Indie Traveler's Handbook

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April 2004

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