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Wild Horizons: The Top 25 Trips for 2005
They're the best new adventure trips for 2005. From never-before-attempted expeditions in hidden corners of the globe to brand-new takes on the Earth's classics. Here are once-in-a-lifetime journeys that are just right for right now. By McKenzie Funk

Below, the list of the top destinations and outfitters for world travel 2005, presented by continent. For photos and all the details about each trip, pick up our print edition.

1. Mozambique - Explorers' Corner
2. Libya - Mountain Travel Sobek (Read excerpt >>)
3. Ethiopia - Ibex Expeditions
4. Uganda - Jagged Globe

5. Afghanistan - Distant Horizons
6. India - Expeditions World
7. Russia - Explorers' Corner (Read excerpt >>)
8. China - Mountain Travel Sobek
9. Japan - H2Outfitters

10. Iceland - Fjallabak
11. Bulgaria - Explore Worldwide
12. The Czech Republic - Sierra Club Outings
13. Greece - G.A.P. Adventures

North America
14. Molokai - Steve Currey's Expedition Company
15. British Columbia - Mountain Madness
16. Alaska - Geographic Expeditions
17. Nunavut - Whitney & Smith Legendary Trips
18. Montana - Adventure Cycling Association

Latin America
19. Uruguay - Boojum Expeditions
20. Argentina - Earthwatch Institute
21. Panama - Ancon Expeditions
22. Guyana - Wilderness Explorers
23. Honduras - Emerald Planet

Australia & Antarctica
24. Australia - Coral Princess
25. Antarctica - G.A.P. Adventures

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