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"Life's an Adventure"
Here's your plan to be in the right places at the best times of your life.
- Coming of Age
- Love & Marriage
- Friends & Family

The Photographer's Handbook

Gear: Digital Cameras
The time is now to go digital. Here are three great options.

There & Back: The Great Wall Marathon
Ultramarathoner Nina Cerfolio, M.D., runs along a 2,000-year-old wall.

There & Back: Greenland
Skiing the largest island on the planet—Camelia Liparoti photographs the powder in Greenland.

There & Back: Italy
Paddling past the Piazza—Olivier Renck goes kayaking in Venice.

There & Back: Canada
Reader Carolanne Markowitz rafts Nunavut's Burnside River.


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"Life's an Adventure" Reader Photo Album
Photo: Blue Hole, Belize
Friends & Family: The Farringtons and friends take the plunge into Belize's Blue Hole.

"In February 2005, eight daring people (who were also our friends and family) set out to be some of the first to skydive into Belize's Blue Hole, a half-mile-wide (0.8-kilometer-wide), 480-feet-deep (146-meter-deep), perfectly round sink hole. Even though Belize is a very popular dive spot, there have been very few commercial skydiving trips in Belize—let alone the Blue Hole—before our trip.

"In a plane provided by Washington-based Kapowsin Air Sports (www.skydivekapowsin.com) and piloted by our dad, we took off from the San Pedro airport. At about 45 miles (72 kilometers) out to sea and 13,000 feet (3,963 meters), the group prepared to jump. Forming a round like this one wasn't hard, and it was a perfect photo opportunity. We did a total of 60 dives in the hole and on the island.

"Water jumps are a little nerve-wracking but also exhilarating. You have to jump with extra gear, like flotation devices, to be ready to enter the water. Andy also needed a dry bag to put his camera in after the parachutes opened."

—Andy, 24, and Keri Farrington, 28
Kapowsin, Washington

Photograph courtesy of Andy Farrington

Additional Excerpts
From the print edition, May 2005

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