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Skiing: Training Workout
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Ski Like Bode Miller: Preseason Workout
Let Bode Miller's coach get you into the best ski shape of your life.  
Text by Lindsay Yaw  
Illustration: Ski tips from Bode Miller
BE PUSHY: Add an old-school twist to your ski-season training.

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Now that Lance Armstrong has ridden off into the Texas hills (we think), skier Bode Miller represents our best chance to watch an American beat Europeans at their own game. Last season alone, the 28-year-old New Hampshire native took gold in his first four races—the downhill, super G, giant slalom, and slalom—and brought home America's first ever male Downhill World Alpine Championship title from Bormio, Italy. Sure, some of Bode's talent can be attributed to grade-A genetics, but U.S. Ski Team Head Super G and Downhill Coach John McBride says Miller's nontraditional training style is what will keep him screaming past the Austrians for years to come. "Bode likes to do old-school, Rocky-type training, like pushing wheelbarrows full of friends up steep hills," says McBride. "And he's able to apply the strength and athleticism from these skills to skiing more effectively than most."
But even Miller will admit that his routine is not entirely of his own design. Over the past decade, McBride has worked with the team's Sports Science department to develop the most creative and effective workouts for snow sports, emphasizing ski-specific balance and agility work. "When I came to the team in 1996, there was a big emphasis on power lifting," says McBride. "Now we're using exercises that add an element of unpredictability to simulate what really happens on the hill."
In addition, McBride has had to account for a rapid-fire succession of gear innovations. Over the past five years, ski lengths have nearly halved, tips have swelled, and waists have slimmed, leading to monumental gains in control—and increased demands on your muscles and joints. "Every ski now provides arc-to-arc skiing," explains McBride, "so there is less time for your body to recover between turns." Unless you're able to control weighty forces off the hill, McBride contends, your body will likely fail you on your week-long ski vacation. To boost strength, hone reaction time, and avoid hitching a ride with the ski patrol this season, make like Miller and embrace the unconventional.

Intro | Exercises 1-3Exercises 4-6 

Illustration by Orin Brecht

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