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Skiing: Preseason Workout
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Ski Like Bode Miller: Preseason Workout
Text by Lindsay Yaw   Illustrations by Jason Lee

Intro | Exercises 1-3 | Exercises 4-6  

 Illustration: Walking a Slackline
1. Balance: Slacklining
Find two trees 20 to 30 feet (6 to 9 meters) apart and tightly string a one-inch-wide (2.54 centimeter) piece of webbing two
feet (.5 meters) off the ground between them. Keep your eyes focused on one
spot in front of you and slowly walk the length of the rope. Use ski poles for
balance at first, but as your skills
improve, move the webbing higher, nix
the poles, and do a single-leg squat on each step. "Slack-lining is great for
learning how to move dynamically and for challenging your balance," says McBride.

Illustration: Rock-hoping
2. Agility and Anticipation: Rock-Hopping

Got a shallow stream nearby? Lace up
your sturdy trail runners and hop up the creek bed touching only the exposed
rocks. "There is probably nothing better
than rock-hopping to train agility, anticipation, and explosive power," says McBride. Take heed: Wet tread can be
slick, so be surefooted and bring a
chamois along to dry off your kicks.

Illustration: Single-Leg Squat
3. Power: Single-Leg Squat

Using two ski poles for balance, stand on one foot, lower yourself down until your
thigh is parallel to the ground, and then raise yourself slowly. "This drill is about being able to control the movement;
gaining individual leg strength is critical," says McBride. Start with three sets of ten reps per leg. As your hamstrings strengthen, drop the poles and do 15
reps per leg.


Intro | Exercises 1-3 | Exercises 4-6  

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