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Skiing: Preseason Workout
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Ski Like Bode Miller: Preseason Workout
Text by Lindsay Yaw   Illustrations by Jason Lee

IntroExercises 1-3 | Exercises 4-6

Illustration: Wheelbarrow Push
4. Endurance: The Wheelbarrow Push
Load up your wheelbarrow with 50
pounds (22 kilograms) of stones and
push it up the steepest hill in the neighborhood. No, we're not kidding. "Instead of lifting weight that is static, this teaches your body to control a dynamic
load like you do in skiing," says McBride. When the stones become too easy, load
up a friend. Start off two times a week with two sets of four three-minute sprints.
Rest two minutes between sprints and
five minutes between sets.

Illustration: Isometric TV Sits
5. Isometric Power: TV Sits
"The wall sit makes you resist the force
of your own body weight, which simulates what happens in certain parts of the turn while skiing," explains McBride. With your back against the wall, lower yourself down until your legs form a 90-degree angle.
Try four sets of one-, two-, and three-
minute intervals twice a week. Increase
the duration of intervals as you gain strength.

Illustration: Walk downhill with a packed backpack
6. Eccentric Loading: Walk Downhill

Fill a backpack with 20 to 30 pounds (9 to 13 kilograms) and walk or jog downhill to simulate skiing's eccentric loading (i.e., lengthening quadricep muscles as you lower into a squatlike position). "This is
the closest specific exercise you can do
to skiing," says McBride. "You're moving both forward and laterally with increased
force." Start with 30 minutes of downhill hiking once a week.

IntroExercises 1-3 | Exercises 4-6

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