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Sea Kayaking Croatia

Photo: Freeclimbing Croatia

Expert photographer Peter McBride takes us sea kayaking along Croatia's Dalmatian Coast.
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New Digital Cameras

Photo: Digital Cameras

We've sorted through the new contenders to match up the right digital camera for your shooting style.
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Travel Tips from
The Amazing Race

Photo: The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan

Never wear shorts. Pack for one week only. Always bring baby wipes. The cocreator
of The Amazing Race
shares his travel savvy.
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The Amazing Race

Learning to Fly (in the Outback)!

Writer Tom Clynes learns to fly by criss-crossing Australia's outback in a Cessna. Plus, five flight schools around the world.
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Adventure Travel 2006: The Best Trips: Space
Text by Bonnie Tsui   Photograph courtesy of NASA
Photo: A view of Earth from the moon
FLY ME TO THE MOON: Is space tourism within reach?

Adventure Travel: Space

Boldy Go
Earth Orbit:   1 2 3 4 5
Outfitter: Space Adventures, Ltd. (
Length: Variable
Price: $200,000 to $100 million
Remember Sputnik and Mercury? Well the Space Race is back, but this time, you could be the ultimate winner. In first place, for now, is Space Adventures, Ltd. with a star-studded roster of former astronauts, including Buzz Aldrin, and the title of being the only private outfit to have actually flown "space tourists" to the International Space Station. In second: Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic, whose mission is to bring affordable spaceflight to the masses by 2008. Virgin Galactic pledges to drop the price for orbital flight to $200,000—not cheap but certainly less exorbitant than the $20 million that Space Adventures currently charges.
Assuming you can't afford to fly outright, you have two options for next year: Take one of Space Adventures suborbital adventures (flying in a jet to the limit of the atmosphere costs $100,000) or start saving in hopes that Virgin Galactic will make good on its promise to bring real spaceflight within range. With the success of recent test flights, it might not be such a bad bet. But Space Adventures has already upped the ante: They'll fly you to the moon in 2008 for a cool $100 million.

Pick This If: Your credit line, like the sky, knows no limit.

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