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Norway: An Arctic Safari You Can Eat

National Geographic Adventure picks the 25 best new outfitted trips.
Text by Bonnie Tsui 

France  |  Norway  |  Scotland  |  Switzerland

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Go Wild
This winter Borton Overseas launches a new trip into the singular Arctic wilderness of far northeastern Norway, on the border of both Russia and Finland. Laced with forests and fjords, this is reindeer and northern lights country—and major red king crab territory. In frigid waters the giant crustaceans can grow up to six feet (2 meters) wide and weigh up to 25 pounds (11 kilograms). Since 1960, when Soviet scientists first introduced the species to the Barents Sea near the Norwegian border, millions of them have migrated west. The crabs have few natural enemies, and environmentalists have grown anxious over their rapid spread, advocating for higher fishing quotas to help control numbers. Given the king's status as a prized shellfish, crab safaris have become the latest draw for gourmet eco-adventurers. On Borton's tour of the Finnmark region, travelers take a morning snowmobile ride out to the fjord, where large holes are drilled in the ice in the winter months. Certified scuba divers can join the pros as they plunge to the seafloor and catch lunch; back in the warmth of a cozy restaurant, the kings are served, along with a lecture and presentation by a local crab specialist. Other highlights of the seven-day expedition include an afternoon running a dogsled team, a snowshoeing excursion, and a stay in the Kirkenes SnowHotel—a stylish ice abode rebuilt every year. No need to fear the cold: There's a snow bar for hot toddies and an Arctic taxi that takes guests to the sauna on demand.

Outfitter: Borton Overseas (

Price: $2,902

Length: Seven days


France  |  Norway  |  Scotland  |  Switzerland

See all 25 trips >>

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