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The World's Best New Adventure Travel Trips

National Geographic Adventure picks the 25 best new outfitted trips.
Text by Bonnie Tsui   Photograph by Colin McNulty / SMALLWORLDIMAGES
Photo: Penguins near Antarctica

The World's 25 Best New Adventures for 2008
(In Alphabetical Order by Continent)

1. Gabon: The First Tourist to Animal Planet
        Outfitter: Journeys International

2. Mali: Time for Timbuktu 
        Outfitter: Absolute Travel

3. Namibia: Lions, Lodges, and Bikes
        Outfitter: Butterfield & Robinson

4. South Africa: The Plush Bush Trek 
        Outfitter: The Wayfarers

5. Japan: The Rising Sun, Pre-Pokémon
        Outfitter: Wilderness Travel

6. Myanmar: A Nation Preserved in Amber
        Outfitter: Country Walkers

7. Tajikistan and Afghanistan: Expedition: Wakhan Corridor
        Outfitter: Geographic Expeditions

8. Thailand and Myanmar: Snorkeling the Asian Aquarium
        Outfitter: WWF Travel

9. Tibet: Bikes on the Roof of the World
        Outfitter: GAP Adventures

10. France: A Private Tour de France (It's Scandal Free!) 
        Outfitter: REI Adventures

11. Norway: An Arctic Safari You Can Eat
        Outfitter: Borton Overseas

12. Scotland: Sea Kayaking From Loch to Loch 
        Outfitter: Explorers' Corner

13. Switzerland: Haute Glaciology
        Outfitter: Mountain Travel Sobek

Latin America
14. Chile: King of Easter Island       
        Outfitter: Explora

15. El Salvador: Adventure Academy 
        Outfitter: Access Trips

16. Panama: Central America Confidential 
        Outfitter: Austin-Lehman Adventures

17. Peru: A Peruvian Game of High-Low    
        Outfitter: O.A.R.S.

North America
18. Alaska: Into the Last Frontier
        Outfitter: The Nature Conservancy/Abercrombie & Kent

19. California: The Grand Yosemite Traverse  
        Outfitter: Southern Yosemite Mountain Guides

20. Canada: Play Polar Bear Slug Bug
        Outfitter: Wildland Tours/Wanderbird

21. Hawaii: Tending to the Garden of Eden  
        Outfitter: REI Adventures

Points South
22. Antarctica: Carbon Neutral When It Counts
Outfitter: Natural Habitat Adventures

23. Fiji: A Quest Called Tribe
        Outfitter: Earthwatch Institute

24. New Zealand: Lodge to Lodge in Middle Earth
        Outfitter: Wilderness Guides

25. Oceania: The Oceania Full Monty
        Oufitter: Zegrahm & Eco Expeditions

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