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The World's Best New Adventure Travel Trips

National Geographic Adventure picks the 25 best new outfitted trips.
Text by Bonnie Tsui   Photograph by Ingolf Pompe/Look
Photo: Adventure travel in Thailand

EDGES OF THE EARTH: A long-tail boat cruises Phang-nga Bay, in Thailand.

The best new adventures for 2007: our annual report on innovative trips that will broaden your perspective, push your limits, and reignite your sense of possibility. The world is changing by the minute. Get out and see it now.

The World's 25 Best New Adventures for 2007
(listed alphabetically)

1. Rwanda: Tracking mountain gorillas 
Governors' Camp

2. Tanzania: Sustainable island travel and game safari
        Outfitter: Seacology

3. Zambia: Safari in Kafue National Park
        Outfitter: Wilderness Safaris

4. China: Biking lush rural hinterlands
Bike Asia

5. Bhutan: Trekking remote valleys
Wilderness Travel

6. Russia: Kayaking Lake Baikal
        Outfitter: H2Outfitters

7. Thailand and Malaysia: Cruising tsunami-recovered islands
        Outfitter: National Geographic Expeditions

Antarctica, Australia, New Zealand
8. Antarctica: Discovering a penguin colony
        Outfitter: Zegrahm Expeditions

9. Australia: Exploring an undeveloped shore
        Outfitter: World Expeditions

10. New Zealand: Multisport backcountry odyssey
        Outfitter: Active New Zealand

11. Croatia and Montenegro: Rafting and hiking the Balkans
        Outfitter: Mountain Travel Sobek

12. Georgia: Hiking the Caucasus Mountains
        Outfitter: Explorers' Corner

13. Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland: Biking Budapest to Krakow
        Outfitter: Backroads

Latin America
14. Argentina and Chile: Trekking in Patagonia
        Outfitter: Geographic Expeditions

15. Brazil: Sailing the coast in a colonial vessel
        Outfitter: GAP Adventures

16. Mexico: Tracking gray whales
        Outfitter: Earthwatch Institute

17. Peru: Multisport exploration of the Cordillera Azul    
        Outfitter: Sierra Club Outings

North America
18. Alaska: Cruising the Inside Passage
        Outfitter: Lindblad Expeditions

19. British Columbia: Paddling the Great Bear Rainforest coast       
        Outfitter: Pacific Northwest Expeditions

20. British Columbia: Cycling the Okanagan Valley
        Outfitter: Austin-Lehman Adventures

21. California to Maine: Weekend getaways
        Outfitter: REI Adventures
22. Northwest Territories: Paddling and hiking the tundra
        Outfitter: Black Feather

23. Washington: Climbing the Ptarmigan Traverse
        Outfitter: Mountain Madness

24. Wyoming: Climbing the Grand Teton
        Outfitter: Exum Mountain Guides

World-Wide Trips
25. Flying Around the Globe: Peru, Chile, Samoa, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, India, United Arab Emirates, Tanzania, and Morocco                    Outfitter: World Wildlife Fund

Cover: Adventure magazine

Our November 2006 issue features the best new adventure travel trips; an exclusive look inside Iran; a Greenland global warming report; backcountry spas; digital cameras; travel Web sites; weekend getaways; and more.

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