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20 Adventures of Your Life
How to be in the right place at the right time of your life: family safaris, bike tours, jungle camps, multisport trips, river rafting, surf schools, desert caravans, island sailing, mountain treks, and much more.   Text by Robert Earle Howells   Photograph by Frans Lemmens/Getty Images   Illustrations by Jason Lee

Photo: Man leading camel in the Sahara

MR. SANDMAN: A Tourareg guide leads his camel through the Sahara in Niger en route to a hidden oasis.

Every phase of your life demands its own action plan: a family safari in Africa, a soul-searching retreat in the Himalaya, a burnout-busting climb in the Andes. Here we've assembled the most iconic trips for whatever stage you're in.

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Icon: Innocence
The Age of Innocence (Ages 5 to 16) >>
Multisporting in British Columbia
Horsepacking in Yellowstone
Wildlife Safari in Botswana
Icon: Virtue
The Age of Virtue (Ages 17 to 22) >>
Benefit Biking in Cambodia
Orangutan Rescue in Borneo, Indonesia
Higher Learning in the Rocky Mountains
Icon: Enlightenment
The Age of Enlightenment (Ages 23 to 30) >>
Aboriginal Adventuring in Australia
Temple Trekking in Tibet
Icon: Romance
The Age of Romance (Ages 25 to 45) >>
Island Escape in French Polynesia
An Umbrian Idyll in Italy
Sahara Caravan in Niger
Icon: Conquest
The Age of Conquest (Ages 25 to 45) >>
River Rafting in Peru
Motorcycle Touring in Mexico
Surfing Safari in Hawaii
Icon: Anxiety
The Age of Anxiety (Ages 35 to 55) >>
Deep-Ocean Expedition on the High Seas
Mountain Climbing in the Andes
Simple Living in Alaska
Icon: Reason
The Age of Reason (Ages 55 and up) >>
Island-Hopping in the Agean Sea, Greece
Cultural Trekking in China
Relief Riding in Rajasthan

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