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The Best of the Southwest
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The Best of the Southwest
Trips. Trails. Lodges. Eats. Paddles. An insider's guide to the unsung Four Corners.   Photograph by Dawn Kish
Photo: Utah's red rock country

THE BIG ONE: Is Kolob Arch the longest span on Earth? A group of canyoneers aims to find out.

Current Features - March 2008

Utah's Canyon Country: The Arch Hunters
The Colorado Plateau is home to the world's single greatest collection of rock arches—yet only a handful of die-hard seekers ever visit them. Prepare to explore slickrock country in a whole new way.
See the article and photos >>

Best of the Southwest

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- Road Trips

- Adventure Towns

Photo Galleries

Photo: Waldo Wilcox

Utah's Range Creek: The Cowboy's Indians

Rancher and mountain-lion trapper Waldo Wilcox kept the country's greatest open-air museum a secret for 50 years. Now his stash is open to the public, and the "Indian stuff" has started to disappear. 
See the photos  >>

Photo: Paddlers on raft in rapids

Grand Canyon: Rafting the Colorado River
Pack up the raft and lash down the bedroll—it's time to mount your own Grand Canyon expedition. This summer the rules have changed, and running the nation's single greatest river is easier than ever. 
See the photos  >>

Photo: Hiking in Bryce

Road Trip Photos: Canada to Mexico: The Ballad of Route 89
From Canada to Mexico—past seven national parks and 1,700 miles (2,735 kilometers) of the promised land—on the West's most Western highway. 
See the photos  >>

Photo: Glen Canyon

New Frontiers of the Southwest
Three photographers reveal new ways to look at the land of the Old
Ones.  See the photos >>

Recommended Trips

Southwest Game Plans: Dissolve Into Red Rock
The formula for Four Corners bliss: sandstone slots, a great granite wall, and two new trails (one for your feet, the other for your car). 
Read the article  >>

Hiking the Lost World of Comb Ridge
On the first ever traverse of the Southwest's sandstone spine, David Roberts discovers the lost world of Comb Ridge. 
Read the article  >>

Wild Heart of the West: The Four Corners Region
What do you get when you combine the best of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah? The Four Corners region, an outdoor action zone too big for any one state and too wild to be defined by straight lines on a map. From the slickrock of Canyonlands to the alpine summits of the San Juans, this is America's adventure heartland—and here are its sweetest spots. 
Read the article  >>

Splash Tested: America's Best Swimming Holes
Pancho Doll wrote the books on where to find the country's top swimming holes in California, the Southwest, and the Northeast. Now Doll weighs in with his highly opinionated list of the 15 best places to cool off this summer. Doll's holy trinity—height of adjacent rock walls, depth of water, and privacy—are rated from one to five in ascending order of righteousness. 
Read the article  >>

Road Trips

Road Trip Photos: Canada to Mexico: The Ballad of Route 89
From Canada to Mexico—past seven national parks and 1,700 miles (2,735 kilometers) of the promised land—on the West's most Western highway. 
Read the article  >>

Border Patrol: Along the Devil's Highway
Arizona's Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge used to be a pristine desert. Now it's the front line in America's immigration battle, rife with garbage, drug runners, and illegal aliens. Welcome to the nation's most troubled wilderness. 
Read the article  >>

Best Road Trips: Arizona and New Mexico
Soak in hot springs. Eat organic. Slow down. It's not rocket science, but the concept of "soft adventure" is a sea change. Nowhere can you experience this shift more than on a weeklong, spa-to-spa loop through New Mexico and Arizona. 
Read the article  >>

Southern Utah Road Trip: 4x4 Required

Transform a four-by-four into your roving, all-terrain base camp as you hike, bike, and paddle through this string of stashes that locals know best.
Read the article  >>

Adventure Towns

Adventure Town: Tucson, Arizona

The Southwest has crowned a new biking hot spot. With more than a dozen local cycling groups and some 475 miles (764 kilometers) of urban pathways, Tucson has emerged as one of the most bike-friendly towns in the U.S.  Read the article  >>

Adventure Town: Durango, Colorado
For multisport adventurers seeking a home that has it all, Durango feels like the center of everything.  Read the article  >>

Adventure Town: Flagstaff, Arizona
A mountain retreat for Phoenix's gentry and a haven for eco-conscious students at Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff is an alpine sanctuary in the middle of the Southwest's finest desert landscapes.  Read the article  >> 

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