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The Best of Adventure 2008
We bring you the year's best: 2 lifetime achievement honorees; 15 astonishing adventurers; 39 gear picks; and the latest sports trends and destinations.

Illustration: Compass

Cover: Adventure magazine

On newsstands November 27. 
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For our Best of Adventure 2008 cover story, we review the year's top achievements in the larger-than-life world of adventure. We start with a story about the environmental efforts of our Lifetime Achievement honorees, rebel billionaire Richard Branson and polar explorer Will Steger
. Next we profile 15 regular folks who dreamed big and succeeded this year, including Adventurer of the Year Andrew Skurka, who started hiking in 2001 and can't seem to stop. Then, in our leading-edge guide to the state of adventure, we celebrate the best gear, outdoor sports trends, and audacious acts of 2007.

Photo: Sir Richard Branson and Will Steger Lifetime Achievement: 
Sir Richard Branson + Will Steger

Polar novice Sir Richard Branson is the swami of publicity. Iceman Will Steger is the don of the Arctic. But can the dynamic duo join forces, traverse Baffin Island by dogsled, and help divert an impending climate catastrophe? 
More >>

Video Exclusive: Richard Branson >>
Photo: Andrew Skurka Adventurers of the Year: They Did It!
Video Exclusives >>
In celebration of the year's greatest adventures, we present 15 people who dreamed it, planned it, and did it.
More >>

Exclusive Interview: Kayaker Trip Jennings >>

Photo: Watch Best Gear + Outdoor Sports Trends
The year's hottest gear—backpacks, jackets, technology, footwear, and more—for adventure's six realms: mountain, water, forest, snow, desert, and road trips. Plus: Outdoor sports trends.
More >>

Photo: Columbia Top Destinations: Where to Go Now
Six breakout countries to see in 2008 and beyond. 
More >>

See our Best of Adventure 2007 coverage, including Lifetime Achievement and Adventurer of the Year honorees, the year's best gear, and top destinations. More >>

Cover: Adventure magazine

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