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California's Lost Coast
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Surf Hunters on California's Lost Coast
The location of the most sublime wilderness surf break on California's Lost Coast is classified info among local surfers. Catch a glimpse of the secret beaches. 
Photograph by Corey Rich

Photo: Beach camping at the Lost Coast

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I always get a little nervous when surfing a break for the first time. I can't help worrying about currents, hidden rocks, and how hard the lip comes over when it breaks. I ask myself,  "Will it be a smooth entry, or will it be a lurching, heaving tumble?" Either way, adding a little fresh surf wax is a good way to work out your anxiety.
—Contributing Editor Dan Duane

This was one of those unique moments when the surf wasn't great, but the setting was perfect. We felt engulfed by the low clouds rolling over the hills toward the beach and on to the ocean.
—Contributing Photographer Corey Rich

Get Technical
Camera: Canon 5D
Flash Card: SanDisk Extreme III 2.0 gb
Lens: Canon 16-35 mm, f/2.8
Speed and F-Stop: 1/250 @ f/4
Time of Day: 8 a.m.

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