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Via Alpina Hike

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Via Alpina Trail Dispatches: Where to Stay in Slovenia
In mid-July writer Alex Crevar and photographer Carly Calhoun set out to thru-hike 1,500 miles (2,414 kilometers) along the Via Alpina.
Text by Alex Crevar  
Map by Lindsey Balbierz

Map: The Via Alpina

Slovenia: Trail Dispatch  |  Photo Slide Show  |  Where to Stay

Via Alpina: Plan a trip >>

Hotel Sport
An old hotel from the late 19th century turned outdoor sports headquarters. Owner Jure Pozar can set guests up with mountain biking, rappelling, and guides for just about any activity.

Town: Postojna
Price: 34 euros per person for a double room; 45 euros per person for a single room
Number of Rooms: 32
Contact:; +011 386 5 720 22 44
Web Site:

Gostisce Barbara
Actually located in the main building of the old mine, Barbara is a boutique hotel with original, abstract paintings on the walls and tasteful wooden furniture on wooden floors. The owner and chef is a slow food fan and specializes in gourmet presentation. This was a great stop after a few days of hiking.
Town: Idrija
Price: 27 euros per person for a double room
Number of Beds: 20
Contact:; +011 386 5 377 11 62
Web Site:

Ermanovec Mountain Hut
This is where we could sense that we were about to start hiking into the Alps. Luckily, a great crew from the local alpinism club runs this simple but sufficient hut. They also had plenty of info, good spirit, and beer to keep us sedate.

Price: 14 euros per person per room
Number of Beds: 50
Contact:; +011 386 4 5195 214
Web Site:

Hut Petrovo Brdo

Another in a line of great huts, this one is clean as a whistle with big rustic rooms and an incredibly knowledgeable staff. Get a good night's sleep at this hut because the next day marks the beginning of hiking in the Julianne Alps.

Price: 17 euros per person
Number of Beds: 11
Web Site:

Crna Prst Mountain Hut
There's no drinking water—except to purchase—but somehow that's of no concern here. The food is hearty and replenishing, the bunks are clean and comfortable, and the view is superb. Long sunsets and a happy staff made our dirtiness seem less repulsive.

Price: 17 euros per person in a room
Number of Beds: 38
Contact:; +011 386 51 662 071
Web Site:

Dom Trenta Guest Rooms (insideTriglav National Park)
The price and position is unbeatable. At the head of the Soca River Valley and perfectly on the trail for the next big push north, this is a place run by the tourism office. The big apartments—all wood and carefully crafted like everything else in town—had kitchens and lots of space for us to repack gear.

Town: Trenta
Price: 15 euros per person for a double room, 17 euros per person for a single
Number of Rooms: 7 doubles and 9 apartments
Contact:; +011 386 5 3889 330
Web Site:

Dom v Tamarju Mountain Hut
A great final night's sleep in Slovenia. The kitchen at this mountain hut served us a mean bowl of goulash and excellent strudel, which Slovenes call strukli. The next morning, it's just an hour's walk into Kranjska Gora.

Town: Near Kranjska Gora
Price: 8 euros per person
Number of Beds: 60
Contact:; +011 386 4 587 60 55
Web Site:

Slovenia: Trail Dispatch  |  Photo Slide Show  |  Where to Stay

Via Alpina: Plan a trip >>

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