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Video: Adventurers of the Year 2006

Photo: Julie Wafaei and Colin Angus

See the challenges Colin Angus and Julie Wafaei
encountered while rowing
across the Atlantic during
their two-year, human-
powered circumnavigation
of the Earth.

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Video: Top Ten Adrenaline Flicks

Photo: BASE jumper

Our team hunted down the Web's ten wildest action clips. See our picks and nominate your favorites.
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Climbing Icebergs

Photo: Ice climber

Watch Will Gadd climb a
crumbling iceberg off
Labrador's coast.

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Video: Iceland Travel

Photo: Iceland waterfall

Take an adventure travel
tour behind the scenes of
an Iceland gear shoot.

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Top Ten Online Adventure Flicks
Our team hunted down the Web's ten wildest action clips. See our picks and nominate your favorites.  
Text by Jesse Huffman

Unbelievable adventure videos, featuring everything from  kayaking over waterfalls to parkour to BASE jumping in a handmade winged suit, are out there—if you know where to find them. Here, we present our picks for the Web's top ten wildest action clips.

Nominate Your Favorite Adventure Flicks

We're always on the lookout for great new adventure flicks to post for your entertainment. If you know of a great adrenaline video on the Web, email us at

1. Kayaking: Epicocity (above)

Editor's Pick
From multi-tiered waterfalls in Africa to vertical flumes in South America, Eugene, Oregon-based Trip Jennings and his kayaking compadres at Epicocity Films are constantly searching out bigger drops. Using creative angles and P.O.V. cameras in Oregon, Argentina, British Columbia, and Zambia, this custom-edited clip brings you right into the action, as the crew of whitewater junkies score huge, technical, and outright crazy lines. (Thanks to expedition teammate Karl Moser for providing the video.)

Exclusive Interview: Kayaker Trip Jennings >>

2. Slope Flying: Dave Barlia 
It's not surprising that after 18 years of BASE jumping and skydiving, California native Dave Barlia helped pioneer a new approach to plunging toward the Earth—low-altitude BASE jumping aided by a wingsuit. These suits may make jumpers look like flying squirrels, but the extra fabric between the arms and legs acts like wings, enabling increased control and lift. In this video, Barlia takes his wingsuit to Chamonix, France, soaring just a few feet above tree line at a hundred miles an hour (161 kilometers an hour), to perfect the dynamic sport known as "slope flying."  Watch the video >>

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