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Sir Richard Branson on Adventure
Rebel billionaire Sir Richard Branson talks about his life of adventure.
Field video courtesy Virgin; Global Warming 101

2007 Lifetime Achievement: Richard Branson and Will Steger

Read the feature "In Virgin Territory" about our  Lifetime Achievement honorees' work to the combat climate change. More >>

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January 30, 2008

Rebel billionaire Richard Branson spoke to Adventure magazine about the impact his near-fatal ocean crossings, circumnavigations, parachute jumps, balloon crashes, water rescues, and Guinness records have had on his life. Branson and Arctic explorer Will Steger received our 2007 Lifetime Achievement award for their efforts to raise awareness around climate change.

In April of 2007, Branson joined Steger on Baffin Island to see, firsthand, the effects of global warming on the native peoples and species of the far north. As different as they are, we believe both Steger and Branson truly define the best of adventure: to live your life fully and passionately, to explore and understand the world, and, most important these days, to try to make a difference.

Last week, Branson unveiled two designs for what could be the first crafts to take tourists into space.

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