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Whale Wars Video Exclusive
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Video: Hell + Back

Photo: Peru

Contributing Editor Kira
Salak reports from the
Amazon on ayahuasca,
a shamanistic brew said
to cure everything from
depression to cancer.
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Climbing Icebergs

Photo: Ice climber

Watch Will Gadd climb a
crumbling iceberg off
Labrador's coast.
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Video: Iceland Travel

Photo: Iceland waterfall

Take and adventure travel
tour behind the scenes of
an Iceland gear shoot.

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Video: Whaling War Portrayed in Daredevil Flicks
Would you give your life for a whale? See the whaling war zone for yourself with this video from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

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At the bottom of the world, a battle rages between ardent whale hunters and a tiny crew of renegade activists who would sacrifice their lives to save the planet's largest mammals. Led by Paul Watson, their goal is simple: protect the whales, at any cost.

To show what a whaling war zone looks like, the media-savvy crew aboard the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's Farley Mowat shot video from helicopters and Zodiacs in raging, cold seas some 200 miles (322 kilometers) off the coast of Antarctica. "They'd be editing video footage in the mess hall, with poker chips and tea mugs flying as the ship rocked," says Contributing Editor Peter Heller, who chronicled their work for "The Whale Warriors." Read the feature article >>

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Video courtesy of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

 Photo: May 2006 Cover

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