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Best New Trips in the World: Trekking Nepal’s Himalaya

For our annual Adventure Travel issue, we scoured the globe to find the 25 Best New Trips in the World for 2010, complete with a Best Trips photo gallery. Today, we present Nepal. The world's far corners are now well within reach.

NEPAL: Visit to Sherpa City

Nestled in the Himalayan foothills at 11,000 feet, the town of Namche Bazaar is home to hundreds of Sherpa families. It’s also the last major settlement trekkers pass en route to Everest, stopping for provisions and little more. But one outfitter is trying to change that. “If you’re traveling so far, why would you pass through quickly instead of settling in and slowing down?” asks Joan Weber, who founded Journeys International 31 years ago with her husband and their Sherpa business partner, Pemba Tsering. That’s the premise behind Journeys’ newest Nepal trip, which bases clients in the Sherpa-owned Moonlight Lodge, in the roadless Khumbu region. The inn steeps you in the local Buddhist and mountaineering cultures, and your Sherpa hosts serve as the ultimate concierges, showing you everything from how to cook momos (similar to samosas) to where to find the best hikes.