Gear: “Hydrate” Like Tony Stark and You Can Be Iron Man

We were pleased to see that charming-flakey Tony Stark, the mere mortal behind Iron Man, "hydrates" Adventure style in the new sequel. He slurps down a creepy chemical cocktail (we won't spoil things by revealing why) in the super stylish Kor One water bottle we recommended in our Best of Adventure gear review—um, two years ago. It's not easy being such a trendsetter. Get prepped for the next Hollywood gear sensation with this year's Must-Have Gear for 2010.—Mary Anne "Pepper" Potts

Steve Casimiro wrote:
In this post-bisphenol-A world, traditional polycarbonate water bottles are taboo. Enter the alternative: The new Kor One is a 750-milliliter design piece cast entirely from BPA-free (read: nontoxic) Tritan plastic. The slick flip top conceals an opening perfect for adding ice cubes or drinking on the fly, and the rubberized base cuts down on spills ($30).