Wild Love Film #3 – Climber Timmy O’Neill’s Boomerang of Love

“I am love. In order for me to perceive love, I have to be love, I have to emanate love…”

I first met Timmy O’Neill in the packed aisle of a trade show. I was wearing a salmon suit and we chest-bumped our way onto the cover of the trade show’s daily newspaper. It was a pretty ridiculous way to meet someone, but I have a feeling a lot of people have an equally ridiculous story of how they met Timmy.

Over the years, I’ve gotten to know him better through quick catch-ups at festivals and various outdoor events. His energy and exuberance for life is infectious, his wit and humor is so quick it can leave your head spinning. Needless to say, he’s full of surprises. But Timmy is much more than the outrageous comedian and climber seen by most—he’s incredibly smart, kind, and passionate about his life and the lives of others.

And that’s what filmmakers Andy Maser and Jenny Nichols hoped to capture during their time with Timmy—just a taste, a grip of stories that illustrate his dedication to helping others, to exploring and learning, and his insatiable love for living this life, right now.

“Love is laughter… love is taking a chance. Love is fear,” Timmy says in the film. “It’s like that integral aspect of life.”

The team caught up with Timmy at his home base in Boulder—playing music, climbing, drinking coffee, and making dinner with fresh tomatoes from his garden—this is the story they captured. Enjoy Wild Love: Timmy O’Neill.