These Are the Ultimate Men’s Travel Underwear

In my book, the lighter one travels the better, and that extends to underwear. For the last decade or so, my go-to choice has been boxer-briefs from Ex Officio — just two pairs, no matter how long the trip — but a few months ago I came into possession of some boxers made by Saxx, which claimed to be the most comfortable ever, and late last month I spent two weeks testing/wearing them in Morocco.

The verdict? Saxx’s Quest Boxer Modern Fly shorts are indeed the most comfortable base-layer shorts I’ve ever worn and are also about as close to the ultimate travel boxers as you can get. The first and most important reason is that the Saxx have soft fabric side panels sewn into the front of the boxers on either side of the traditional pouch area. These serve to keep things in place no matter how dynamically you’re moving — sitting for long hours on a plane, scrambling through the souks of Marrakech, hoofing it up the sand dunes of the Sahara, no matter what I was doing, nothing down below shifted out of place or called attention to itself. This is a minor miracle; to get the same kind of support with traditional unders, you’d have to wear them at least a size small or go with a jock strap, neither of which is appealing.

The Quest boxers also have an anti-microbial treatment that keeps them reasonably fresh even after 100-degree days. They dry quickly after a rinse or wash, giving you plenty of opportunity to take just one pair and still embrace good hygiene even if it goes against your dirtbag instincts, and the wide waist band and flat seams supplement the comfort.

How much do I like the performance of the Quest Boxer Modern Flys? I’m ready dump my Calvins, my 2(X)Ists, my Ex Officios and use nothing the Saxx. They’re that comfortable, no matter the conditions.

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