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Fjallraven’s Greenland Wax Jacket; Photograph courtesy Fjallraven

A Windbreaker for Fall

I went to London expecting rain — a not-unreasonable assumption — and was cursed with the best weather of the year. Day after sogging day of relentlessly pleasant sunshine, light blue skies, and warm breezes. Finally, the clouds unparted, water fell from above, the temp dropped, and I was able to bust out the soft, comfy Fjallraven High Coast Wind Jacket.

Made of approximately 50-50 organic cotton and polyamide, the High Coast is treated with an easily replenished, fluorocarbon-free wax to block light rain. The polyamide gives it a slight nylon feel, the cotton makes it delightful against the skin. It looks a bit like an old classic windbreaker, without the crinkle, and wears nicely with jeans, hiking pants, or even something a little dressier, especially in the dark blue color way.

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Fjallraven’s High Coast Wind Jacket; Photograph courtesy Fjallraven

The High Coast can be fortified with Fjallraven’s Greenland Wax for great weatherproofing, but it shouldn’t get too ahead of itself. It’s a light-duty shell that plays nicely in the city, on hikes, for a sailing on a blustery cool day. There’s a hood, three zippered pockets, and just enough oomph to make it shine in the cooling days of fall.