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Last November we announced the 2015 Adventurers of the Year and invited you to vote every day through January 31 for the People’s Choice. Now in our 11th year of celebrating the world’s most inspiring adventurers, we have established a pretty spectacular crew of people who continue to define the human spirit in unique ways (see all our honorees). Here’s a look at some of our honorees (in alphabetical order) on Instagram. Follow them (and us, too, @natgeoadvenure)!

Alastair Humphreys – @al_humphreys

I recently rode the legendary Fred Whitton Challenge round the Lake District. It was ace! #drivenbyadventure

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Aleksander Doba – @aleksander_doba

Alex Honnold – @alexhonnold

André Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard – @solarimpulse

Arthur Middleton – @arthurmiddleton

@jennygnichols shooting for @elkriverfilm – this one even works on her birthday! Happy birthday Jenny! #workinggirl A photo posted by Arthur Middleton (@arthurmiddleton) on

Ben Knight – @ben_knight

There’s a new shred spot in the San Luis Valley [South Central Colorado] and it’s real neat. A photo posted by b e n k n i g h t (@ben_knight) on

  Ben Stookesbury – @redonkulous2u

Happy holidays from the Poe gorge of the North Feather River! A photo posted by Ben Stookesberry (@redonkulous2u) on

  Benny Marr – @bennymrr

Carissa Moore – @rissmoore10

Get lowwwwww 😎 📷: @badboyryry_ A photo posted by Carissa Moore (@rissmoore10) on

Chris Davenport – @steepsking

Hello Winter great to see you again. Hope everyone finds their dream line and keeps it safe. #GoPro #goprosnow A photo posted by Chris Davenport (@steepskiing) on

Chris Korbulic – @ckorbulic

Christy Mahon – @aspenchristy

Danny MacAskill – @danny_macaskill

Dave and Amy Freeman – @freemanexplore

As we set up our tent this afternoon Amy smiled and said,”It feels good to move.” I couldn’t agree more. After camping for 10 days on the east end of Newfound Lake, as we waited for the west end of Newfound and Moose to freeze, it felt great to load our canoe and haul it over the newly formed ice. We didn’t move very far, but the act of moving was wonderful. We set up our tent in a new grove of trees, chopped a new water hole in the lake, and make a new temporary home. As we loaded the canoe this morning a snowshoe hare raced across the lake in front of our camp and an otter ran around on the ice 100 yards away. A few minutes later another snowshoe hare came bounding from the other direction past our camp. Its seems like everyone was out and about today. Snow steadily fell as we hauled the canoe across the ice. We weren’t going far, so we loaded up armloads of firewood and nestled our ice luminaries in amongst the packs. We figured that we will enjoy lighting them on New Years Eve too. We left the Christmas lights on the tent as well so we can enjoy them for a few more nights! It seems rather silly, but why not? We are expecting several visitors over the next week. Some friends are going to haul in our toboggans and haul out our canoe. Amy’s dad is coming to visit for a few days. Plus, several other friends that are going to join us for New Years. After having the Wilderness to ourselves for about 6 weeks, we are looking forward to seeing friends and family. The EPA considers hard rock mining to be the nation’s most polluting industry. Foreign mining companies want to build giant copper mines in a sulfide-ore body on the edge of the Boundary Waters, our nation’s most popular Wilderness area. A mine of this type has never been build anywhere in the world without causing significant surface or ground water pollution. We are spending a year in this great Wilderness to remind people what is at stake and urge people to take action. Please like @savetheBWCA , sign the petition, make a donation, and help protect this national treasure. #wildernessyear #savetheBWCA #wilderness #BWCA #BoundaryWaters #keepitwild @mti_life_jackets @wenonah_canoe A photo posted by Dave and Amy Freeman (@freemanexplore) on

David Lama – @davidlama_official

Erik Boomer – @eboomer

Erik Weihenmayer – @erikweihenmayer

Gavin McClurg – @gavinmcclurg

Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner – @pyhrgas

Climbing in Kreta. #beactive #itsgreatoutthere #deuter A photo posted by Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner (@pyhrgas) on

Greg Long – @gerglong

Ian Welsted – @ianwelsted

Why climb ice when you can scratch up rock instead? @alpineclubcan Photo Jay Mills A photo posted by Ian Welsted (@ianwelsted) on

Jamie Mitchell – @jamie_mitcho

Jennifer Pharr Davis – @jenpharrdavis

Hiking on the #ContinentalDivideTrail in #Wyoming 💜😊 #CDT #sectionhike #WY #WindRiverRange #TheWinds A photo posted by Jennifer Pharr Davis (@jenpharrdavis) on

Jeremy Jones – @jeremyjones

  Joe Riis – @joeriis

Josh Dueck – @justdueck

Kilian Jornet – @kilianjornet

Kit DesLauriers – @kitdski

Lewis Pugh – @lewispugh1

Completed the southern most swim. Conditions were terrifying. Pic: @kelvin_trautman A photo posted by Lewis Pugh (@lewispugh1) on

  Liz Clark – @captainlizclark

Matt Moniz – @matt_moniz

Skiing the Pfeifferhorn #sickday #findingwinter A photo posted by Matt Moniz (@matt_moniz) on

Mike Libecki – @mikelibecki

  Pedro Oliva – @pedrolivakaiak

Ramon Navarro – @surfnavarro

Renan Ozturk – @renan_ozturk

Scott Jurek – @scottjurek


‘Tis the season #runhappyholidays


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Stacy Bare – @stacyabare

Steve Boyes – @drsteveboyes

Ted Mahon – @tedmahon

Tommy Caldwell – @tommycaldwell

Travis Rummel – @travisrummel

After looking over the upper reaches of the Unuk from the air, we knew we in for a punishing bushwhack. I have a strong distaste for backpacking and despite our greatest efforts to slim down our kits we all had 60 lb packs to contend with. Our Garmin GPS conveniently lacked all topo lines for the region and we were left with vague shading to guide us through the thick canopy of old growth temperate rainforest. @gordonklco literally saved our asses with his steadfast route finding. We spent 4 days hiking 36 hard earned miles along densely forested ridge lines, alpacaing over raging tributaries and literally tunneling through overhead devil’s club. There was zero sign of man. We hit an incredible high pressure weather window with sunny skies and no rain — a complete anomaly for the zone. So let’s just say we had ideal conditions; it was still insanely difficult. One long 12 hour day in the 4 day stretch, we covered a measly 2.5 linear miles. The country beat us down and the mosquitos did their best to drain us of all of our blood. The only highlights were finding remnant snow banks and packing large snowballs into our hats. It was heavenly, but short lived. All we could dream about was inflating our Alpacas and floating downstream with the currents in the main stem. We just had to get there. This photo by @firstcast is from day 3 or 4, mileage in the high 20’s or so. The bushwhacking days all kind of blurred together in the kaleidoscope of green below the canopy of old growth. Each step took immense concentration. If one of us even sprained an ankle, the trip would be over and the rescue a nightmare. We moved through the length of the Unuk watershed last summer in an effort to document a seldom known river in BC/SE AK while bring some much needed awareness for Transboundary Rivers. Ryan put together a great short film on the issue of Transboundary Rivers and you can check the link in my profile — XBoundary. The Transboundary River issue needs all the love we can bring to it. Huge thanks to @Patagonia Environmental grants for covering costs. Stay tuned for a few more pics. Thanks @Patagonia, Alpaca, @TroutUnlimited, @msr_gear @seatosummitgear A photo posted by Travis Rummel (@travisrummel) on

Ueli Steck – @uelisteck

Point Lachenal A photo posted by Ueli Steck (@uelisteck) on

Will Gadd – @realwillgadd