15 Bold Adventures in Norway

Explore this Nordic nation's greatest adventures with National Geographic Your Shot photographers.

There's plenty to discover in Norway outside the country's popular ski resorts and modern urban centers. Step away from the Nordic nation's trendy streets, and you'll find snowy mountains, icy shorelines, and winding roads ripe for exploration. Follow the adventures of these daring skiers, dedicated hikers, bold surfers, and adventurous campers through this photo gallery from National Geographic Your Shot photographers.

Drone Captures the Haunting Beauty of Northern Norway’s Mountains

This stunning landscape attracted filmmaker Michael Fletcher to film it by drone throughout midnattssol, or midnight sun, a natural phenomenon that occurs for several weeks during the summer in which the sun appears to never go below the horizon. During this time, the Earth's axis angles the north Arctic toward the sun, creating an effect of a combined sunset and sunrise.

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