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Striking Photos of Rugged Adventures in Siberia

See images of determined adventurers exploring the harsh, beautiful landscape of northeastern Russia.

Siberia is often known for its harsh terrain, freezing temperatures, and distressing history of forced labor and deportation. The region is certainly complicated, permanently shaped by the Trans-Siberian Railway and home to indigenous communities and children of determined settlers. Its landscape is vast, severe, and beautiful—and packed with opportunities for sensational adventures.

In the past, pioneers ventured to the grim northeastern Russian land to stake out a claim for themselves, similar to the way American homesteaders set out west to tame their own piece of the wild countryside. Today, Siberia is more connected than ever to the rest of the world, which means determined adventurers can take on the challenge of hiking, skiing, camping, caving, horseback riding, and dogsledding in its exquisite rugged terrain.

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