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Legendary Photos from Historic National Geographic Expeditions

Look back at National Geographic's epic adventures through these classic and previously unpublished images.

National Geographic has been exploring the world and bringing back its most compelling stories since 1888. At its start, the Society sought to promote public understanding of science and “increase and diffuse geographic knowledge.” With those lofty goals in mind, it funded expeditions around the globe—supporting explorers who trekked to the North and South Poles, documented wildlife in oceans and forests, climbed towering mountains, and excavated ancient ruins.

Follow the journeys of these intrepid adventurers in this gallery of historic National Geographic photographs.

Shackleton: From #EpicFail to #TrulyEpic Sometimes it takes epic failure to reach history-making victory. Find out how famed 20th-century explorer Ernest Shackleton achieved success despite three doomed voyages to Antarctica.

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