Ismail Ferdous

Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in 1989, Ismail Ferdous has always been fascinated by people’s stories in unreachable communities. His family dreamed that he would be an accountant or a banker, following the family tradition. As a child, Ferdous would play with his father’s old Russian camera, memorizing the exposure settings. But it wasn’t until his early twenties, when studying business at East West University, that he became serious about pursuing photography as a profession. He lived more than half of his life in Dhaka before traveling through various countries in Asia, Europe, and North and South America. He learned photography by doing it.

As a documentary photographer, Ferdous covers social humanitarian issues. In Bangladesh he has also documented the effects of global warming and HIV/AIDS on local communities since 2011. He has also photographed violence against women in Guatemala; refugees along the border of Turkey and Syria; Myanmar and Bangladesh; human trafficking in Southeast Asia; and many other issues.

Ferdous has worked for many major media publications, NGOs, agencies and news organizations, including New York Times Magazine, the New York Times, Washington Post, Bloomberg News, MSNBC Photo, AlJazeera America, BBC Media Action, UNDP, Associated Press, Showtime, the World Bank, Oxfam, SIDA-Global Reporting, and the Ocean Conservancy.

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