Angeli Gabriel

Angeli Gabriel is a producer and narrator for the 101 video series. She has written and hosted NatGeo's Snapchat video quizzes, the NatGeo-National Parks Service BioBlitz celebration, and NatGeo's staff talent show. She has also filmed lions, elephants, and other wildlife in South Africa for NatGeo's SafariLIVE.

Before becoming part of the NatGeo family, Angeli's adventures ranged from processing human remains at a forensic science facility to excavating a 17th century fortress in the Caribbean to graduating during a recession.

She has a master's degree in Film and Video from American University and a bachelor's degree in Anthropology from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. She couples her passion for learning and her production expertise to cultivate people's curiosities in the sciences.

Angeli was born in the Philippines, spent nearly 20 years in Tennessee, and now lives in Washington, D.C. When she's not producing videos, she enjoys reading about philosophy and economics, watching action/sci-fi movies and television shows, and making costumes of her favorite sci-fi characters.