Tayla McCurdy

Born in Port Elizabeth on South Africa’s astonishingly beautiful southeast coast, Tayla spent her childhood years going on at least three safari holidays per year with her parents. This instilled a fiery passion for the bush like no other.

Tayla has a particular soft spot for elephants describing them as her favourite African mammal due to their gracious intelligence and incredible interactions. A close second being the bushveld rain frog, she finds their termite gobbling antics hilarious not to mention their particularly grumpy expressions.

Tayla has described the experience safariLIVE delivers as magical and is particularly impressed by the fact that it is 100% live, raw animal action with no editing. Just the African wild exactly as it is in it’s natural state whether it be quiet or inundated with critters and creatures of all shapes and sizes.

“I was the type of kid that couldn't concentrate if someone was tapping their pencil against the the desk so being outdoors with so many smells, sounds and critters under every rock would keep me fascinated for hours” - Tayla McCurdy