Delaney Ross

Delaney Ross (née Chambers) is the Director of Content Programming and Search at National Geographic.

She previously ran a video team that creates explanatory videos to describe the world, and optimizes the site for search traffic.

She is fascinated by marine life and Middle Eastern anthropology and is passionate about telling untold stories, ranging in subject from the voices of refugees to the controversial practice of shark baiting.

In her career, she has focused on expanding the boundaries of digital storytelling and has worked on dashboards, annotations, and interactives.

She previously wrote and produced stories at The Atlantic, Al Jazeera, and Voice of America. ONA-Poynter selected her as a member of the 2016 ONA-Poynter Leadership Academy for Women in Digital Media.

In her spare time, she works as a paddlesports instructor, travels, and goes on adventures with her shepherds, Bourbon and Gunnar.