The Plate

Rebecca Rupp

I’m a freelance writer—as well as writing for National Geographic’s The Plate on food science and history, I do articles for national magazines on everything from the natural history of squirrels to the archaeology of privies. I also write both non-fiction and fiction books for kids and adults. (My latest for foodies, How Carrots Won the Trojan War—an eccentric history of garden vegetables—won the Garden Writers Association Gold Medal.)

My interest in science comes from awful, but exciting, experiences with a childhood chemistry set, and a respectable Ph.D. in cell biology andbiochemistry. I keep my hand in by teaching science classes for kids and raising sea monkeys in the kitchen.

I am the spouse, parent, and friend of many excellent cooks. My own culinary talents include inventing creative ways to disguise zucchini, chopping things up, and doing the dishes.

I prefer Mac to PC, fountain pens to ballpoints, vanilla to chocolate, and almost anything to lima beans.

When not writing, I garden, bicycle, kayak, volunteer at the library, and sit on the back porch of our house in far northern Vermont and gaze longingly at Canada, particularly after listening to the evening news.