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Ted Spiegel

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Ted Spiegel is an accomplished photojournalist with more than 30 years of experience.

He's covered assignments across the globe, but like the 19th-century artists of the famed Hudson River School, he's made the Hudson River Valley the focus of much of his life's work.

Spiegel's love of the landscape and positive attitude infuse all his images. His first assignment for National Geographic magazine was a January 1978 color photo essay on the Hudson River Valley. Since then, he has produced 15 other photo essays for National Geographic on a variety of subjects. He's also produced several picture books, includes ones on the Hudson River Valley, Saratoga, New York, and West Point.

Spiegel, whose work is regularly exhibited, sees his landscape photography as a way to make people aware of the beauty in nature and a way to, in turn, encourage people to help protect and save the environment.