These Vintage Pictures Celebrate School Around the World

As summer comes to an end in the northern hemisphere, many teachers and students are preparing to head back to school for a new year of learning.

As the last days of summer in the northern hemisphere come to a close, many students and teachers in North America, Europe, and Asia are preparing for a new school year—readying themselves for days of lessons and learning.

For some families, this means taking back-to-school shopping trips and finishing up final summer vacations. For others, it means preparing to send students off to college or schools away from home.

In some circumstances, however, even making it to the classroom is a struggle. Gender, race and ethnicity, economic resources, geography, and cultural norms all have an impact on the educational participation of children around the world. Yet, in the face of difficulty, motivated teachers and students persevere for the sake of learning—an effort often viewed as an avenue away from these challenges.

These images from the National Geographic archive celebrate the efforts of educators and students around the globe.