Can You Spot the National Geographic Magazines in These Pictures?

Peek through vintage photos from our archives and see if you can find the familiar yellow-framed cover.

National Geographic is known for sending explorers and photographers all over the world, but the physical magazine has done its fair share of traveling, too.

The National Geographic Society was founded 130 years ago, and its associated magazine is now read around the globe. Go to the farthest corners of the Earth and people still often recognize the iconic yellow border. Stop by newsstands from Canada to New Zealand to Japan, and an issue will likely be propped up for customers to snag. Over the decades, the magazine has included stories about the world's highest peaks and deepest caves—and copies of the publication sometimes make it to those remote destinations as well.

The magazine's wide reach means it's read far and wide by anyone interested in exploring the world through its pages—and sometimes that experience is captured in a photograph. Copies of National Geographic have be used over the years in both predictable ways, like as a teaching tool inside classrooms and on library shelves, and unexpected places, like at a soldier's training center.

Each photo in the gallery above contains at least one copy of National Geographic magazine, though some are trickier to spot than others. Take a look through the images and see if you can find the yellow-bordered magazine in each one.