3 easy science experiments

It’s really true—science can be fun! Engaging kids with hands-on experiments activates multiple parts of the brain, which means they’re more likely to retain what they’ve learned.

Color explosion

Children will actually watch a chemical reaction happen right before their eyes when they combine milk, food coloring, and dish soap for this experiment. Bonus: They can turn their “art” into a permanent exhibit! (Get the step-by-step instructions.)

Elephant toothpaste

Stand back! This bubbly experiment combines peroxide, yeast, and other stuff to demonstrate catalysts and exothermic reactions. (Warning: This experiment also produces heat and steam, and uses chemicals. Supervise your children while performing.) (Get the step-by-step instructions.)

Marshmallow madness

Make kids smart by eating marshmallows! Well, maybe not these marshmallows. But this science experiment help kids learn about the principle of pressure. Using a syringe and the mini-treat, young scientists will see the effects of air compression in a hilarious way. (Get the step-by-step instructions.)

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Put a face on the marshmallow so you can see how it grows.