Turn your kids into geniuses

Kids are curious and imaginative, and they like being challenged—just like any average genius.

Nurturing creativity will keep kids’ genius juices flowing—even beyond childhood. So get children into brainiac-mode by challenging them with these Nat Geo Kids’ activities that will expand their logic skills and creativity.

Do puzzles

Warm up your children’s noodles with kid-friendly clips from Brain Games, a video series that uses puzzles and challenges to exercise the mind. After that, quiz kids on topics such as animals and technology, then have your kids quiz you! Challenge them to research topics like space and come up with true-or-false questions for you to answer. (They can get tips from this guide.) This helps children learn how to form good questions, something that’s important for any genius!
Got More Time? Geniuses not only ask questions—they also find answers. Turn your home into a science lab with awesome experiments on things like static electricity, dissolving candy, and more.

Get creative

Creativity is an essential trait shared by geniuses. Kick-start your children’s creativity by introducing them to this Picasso-esque penguin. Then click through photos of cuddly animals so kids can make up their own stories about the critters in each frame. Is your child more visual? Show them pictures of jaw-dropping sculptures, far-out fashion, and kooky furniture. Then have them draw their own wacky piece of art, clothing, or furnishings.
Got More Time? Think your kid’s already a genius? Help your children become photography prodigies. Use our photo tips on getting creative with their shots, and consider displaying all those genius photos on a "Prodigy Poster."

Meet brainiacs

Take a deeper look into the lives of brainiacs with biographies about Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, and Amelia Earhart. Then with our letter-writing guide, have your kids pen a letter to their favorite genius, describing what they find inspiring about this person. (They can even find out which genius they’re most like with this personality quiz.) Learning about brilliant minds and the different things they’ve done may prompt your kids to start thinking of what they’re passionate about—and passion is a key element of genius.
Got More Time? Help kids understand what kind of genius they are in the interactive puzzle book Mastermind.