10 mummy facts to wow your kids

Turn your youngsters into mini Egyptologists with these mummification secrets.

Let’s start with this secret: Mummies weren’t spooky to the ancient Egyptians.

“Nowadays, when we look at anything dead, we consider it to be creepy,” says Egyptologist and National Geographic Explorer Salima Ikram. “But it wasn’t like that for people from the past—death was just a part of life.”

Over thousands of years, the Egyptians developed and tweaked the mummification process to keep a body’s soft tissue intact over long periods of time, ensuring that the deceased person’s soul would live on in the afterlife. Wrap kids up in some surprising mummy secrets.

BONUS. Mummies aren’t just from Egypt. Nearly 2,000 years earlier than the Egyptians, the Chinchorro people mummified their loved ones in what’s now southern Peru and northern Chile. Today, some people in Papua New Guinea mummify their relatives by drying out the bodies and then covering them with red clay.

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