5 ideas for Halloween family fun

Halloween’s not all about the candy. Well, yes, the candy-lovers in your life might disagree. But it’s also about spending time with family. Get the most out of the holiday with these ideas from Nat Geo Family.

Your two-legged family members love Halloween—and your four-legged ones might too. If your kids do want to dress up your pet like these guys, make sure your furry ones are comfortable in a costume. Check out other tips to keep pets safe on Halloween.

You don’t need a blowout bash to celebrate Halloween. Gather the family to dance to some not-so-terrifying music videos and play ghoulish games. Kids can even build their own personal jack-o’-lantern pizza.

Avoid store-bought costumes wrapped in plastic by encouraging kids to raid the closet and break out the craft supplies. Check out this make-it-yourself bat costume plus other DIY Halloween outfits. You can even coordinate your costumes as a family. #SquadGhouls