6 Save-the-Earth Tips to Share With Kids

Here's good news for the Earth: Kids want to protect it. The trick is showing them how to do it in ways that will truly make a difference. Empower children to become environmental stewards using these ideas from Nat Geo Family. Learn more about what makes the Earth so unique and join us in saving threatened species through #SaveTogether


Get kids excited about protecting the Earth by showing them why they should love the Earth. Take some personality quizzes, tell some animal jokes, or play a recycling game. Then continue the love with a free printable Environment Fun Pack. Kids will have so much fun they won’t even know they’re learning about the Earth.
Got More Time? Your family probably already reduces, reuses, and recycles. Yay, you! This article will help you take it to the next level by turning your everyday recyclers into true stewards of the planet.


Why does this mobula ray seem so happy? Maybe it’s glad to be living in a trash-free sea! Together as a family, list all the things you throw away each day. Then check out these tips on how to reduce waste at home from the book This Book Stinks!, and brainstorm other ideas. Here’s a great one: Skip the balloons at your child’s next birthday party. Mobula rays will thank you!
Got More Time? Help your kids organize their own neighborhood cleanup. Preventing trash from getting in your local waterways will keep it out of the ocean.


Your kids know to turn off the water when they brush their teeth, or flick off the lights when they leave a room. But how about declining straws at restaurants? Or putting a collar with a bell on your outdoorsy pet cat? Tackle these easy yet surprising tips that will empower children with simple actions that can make a big difference.
Got More Time? Let your kids’ voices be heard. Help them start a petition, write to a politician, and raise awareness about issues they’re passionate about.