A ‘fake commute’ to school might be just what kids need

The trend for adults can also help provide a boost to children’s brains.

When the pandemic began, El Paso mom Elinora Price noticed a change in her two-year-old daughter. “She insisted on evening or morning neighborhood walks during those first months of full lockdown,” she says. “It seemed like she really needed to get out each day, or she would be off.”

And in fact, after those walks, her daughter was calmer and more positive. Then it dawned on Price: “She was in day care full time before the pandemic, so ‘getting out’ has been her routine since she was nine weeks old.” The toddler was recreating her morning and evening commutes.

Grown-ups have recently discovered what they’ve nicknamed the “fake commute,” ways to recreate the daily commute on purpose. That might sound crazy, but for many working adults, the commute was a daily ritual that allowed them to mentally switch roles between home and work.

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