Activities to teach kids about climate change

Climate change is a hot topic, and your kids probably have questions about it. But it’s not exactly the easiest issue to explain. Empower your children to understand not only what climate change is all about—but also what they can do to help. Here are videos, games, and crafts to get you started.

Start with the facts
Not sure how to explain climate change? No problem! Check out our kid-friendly article and video that explain the science behind the greenhouse effect and how global warming is affecting the Earth. Then remind kids how awesome our planet is with this amazing photo gallery.

Empower them with tips and crafts
Excite your kids about fighting climate change by playing the online game Recycle Roundup, then investigate ideas the whole family can do together to help save the planet. Whether they’re creatively resusing household items, waging a war on plastic, or decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, kids will feel empowered to make a difference.