Bringing out the birder in your child

Raise your kids to be birdbrains—in a good way! Bird watching can make kids happier, less stressed out, and more observant. So gather your flock—and your binoculars—and start searching with these tips from Nat Geo Family.

Before heading out, get kids excited about birds with this photo gallery of wacky winged creatures. Then learn about birds you might observe in your neighborhood.
Got More Time? How do birds fly? What do their calls mean? When your child has questions, this YouTube playlist has answers.

Encourage robins, blue jays, wrens, and other common fliers to visit your backyard by making this easy DIY birdbath. Or amp things up with these tips to make your outdoor space even more wildlife friendly.
Got More Time? Encourage kids to record the species they spot.

Now that you’ve got the birds, get the gear! Check out tips for what you’ll need—as well as what to look for—when your family is in the field.
Got More Time? Harness your kids’ newfound love of birds to help protect them. Here are six easy things your family can do right now to protect winged creatures.

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