10 cold-weather kids’ games from around the world

Children won’t see these competitions at the Winter Olympics, but the activities will get them outside—and just might introduce them to new cultures.

These outdoor kids’ games from around the world might actually sound familiar—many are slightly different versions of things your children probably already know. By introducing play from other cultures, you’ll help spark your child’s curiosity about the world—and maybe increase their empathy toward other people. Plus, these outdoor activities can go a long way in busting winter boredom. Wins all around!

All the players except the “eagle” hold on to the shoulder or waist of the person in front of them. The kid at the front is the “mother hen,” and everyone behind her are “chicks.” The goal is for the eagle to “catch” one of the chicks while the mother hen tries to protect them and the chicks steer clear—and

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