Do this, not that

Raise a wildlife champion by considering these alternative animal experiences on your next vacation.

Take a long-range photo, not a selfie.
Getting close enough for an animal selfie is unsafe for both kids and the critter. Instead, use a zoom lens so you don’t invade the animal’s personal space, and avoid using a flash. 

Protect an elephant, don’t ride one.
A wild elephant would never let a human climb on top unless it’s been forced to behave unnaturally for the benefit of people. For a better experience, look for animal sanctuaries that teach children how to care for elephants and other rescued animals.

Shop nice, not naughty.
Kids might think a shark’s tooth or exotic bird feather is a cool souvenir, but often these kinds of wild artifacts signal that an animal has been harmed. Steer them toward more wildlife-friendly reminders, like a stuffed animal or photo calendar.

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